Better finance control, for business

pBot is your no-code financial transactions decision engine.
Simplify your payables, expense, and compliance workflows with a robust dashboard

Track, analyse and take action on transactions

Operate profitably

Automate expense management, improve your bookkeeping

Capture, approve, and pay only what is due, when it's due, within budget.

  • Simple analytics, understand your cost of operations, improve access to capital
  • Enforced budgetary control, do more with less
  • AI powered invoice processing, reduce data entry error
  • Automated payment approvals to control disbursements
  • Track and analyse petty cash, better cost management

Digital CFO/Controller

Automate finance operations, reduce time and effort

Eliminate manual processes & fraud while supporting your clients business growth

  • Import, email or upload and process purchase invoices, less data entry
  • Simplify transactions monitoring, reporting, and payout decisions
  • Manage multiple organisations, scale your practice
  • Onboard client teams, vendors, & investors. Collaborate better
  • Integrate and sync data with your favourite accounting software

Data-driven, Action-outcomes

Infrastructure for all your decision logic, drive value with less hardcoding

Increase the speed of development and launch of new products with pbot workflow API

  • Flexible rules modelling with JSON, cost efficient operation
  • Trigger multiple actions with one decision logic
  • Automate KYC/KYB, AML, Compliance reporting in realtime
  • Abstract the business logic from the solution, make changes on the go
  • Contextual document generation, reactive actions & external API processing

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pBot works on top of existing accounting/ERP software to automate financial processes

Screening, Loan origination, Vendor/supplier onboarding, multi-branch petty cash, expense requisition, invoice processing, bank statement reconciliation, Compliance-as-a-service

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